New Zealand Local, All Natural, Sustainable

-   ABOUT US  -

Tucked away in a secluded valley north east of the Wairarapa is the happy home for Autumn Road Barn/Cage-free Quail.  Here we daily tend to the needs of our little charges; giving them the best home we can.


How we started
Having allergies and suffering from gout, we were looking for a natural way to improve our health.  With experience from Europe we knew of the health benefits from having quail eggs and meat.  On returning to New Zealand we purchased some quail and began having the eggs.  Within a short period of time we started to see an improvement in our health.  After buying our farm we wanted to make these benefits available to other people across the country.  So, we began raising quail as a business.


Our values and approach to sustainability

Our aim is to serve as faithful stewards of the birds, environment and land in which we live.  The quail on our farm are living beings and deserve to have the best life we can give them.
Our quail live in a barn with the freedom to scratch around and ruffle their feathers in the litter.  They can fly about and stretch their wings.  In short, they can be birds.
Our farm has a risk management programme registered with the Ministry for Primary Industries with regular audits (inspections).


Keeping it natural

•  Low energy lighting is used and we are always looking for ways to save energy

•  Water for our farm comes from the sky – Rain water is collected and stored for later use

•  Natural materials are used for the bedding and this is later turned into compost when it is spent

•  The food we buy for our quails is all from fresh, natural sources.

•  No chemicals, hormones or antibiotics are used

•  Our quail eat as they please and are not force-fed