Our farm has a risk management programme registered with the Ministry for Primary Industries


  • Our aim is to serve as faithful stewards of the birds, environment and land in which we live.  The quail on our farm are living beings and deserve to have the best life we can give them.

  •  They live in a barn with the freedom to scratch around and ruffle their feathers in the litter.  They can fly about and stretch their wings.  In short, they can be birds.

  • The water for our farm comes from the sky – Rain water is collected and stored for later use

  •  Natural materials are used for the bedding and this is later turned into compost when it is spent

  •  The food we buy for our quails is all from fresh, natural sources.

  •  No chemicals, hormones or antibiotics are used

  • Our quail eat as they please and are not force-fed

Please read carefully before placing orders

  • If you want to place an order and you don't have a PayPal account you are still be able to pay on the PayPal account site using your credit card.   YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT IF PAYING BY CREDIT CARD.  Click here for instructions.  If you still have difficulties let us know.

  • We don't deliver to rural addresses – No exceptions.  If you placed an order with us for a rural address we reserve the right to refund your money, less than 5% to cover our expenses. 

  • Please check your address here https://pbt.nz/eservices/address-finder/ to make sure it is not a rural address.

  • Please note that sometimes we are having delays in orders being received.  

  • Please allow up to two working days from dispatch to delivery for the North Island and up to three days for the South Island.  For example, if the order has been dispatched on Tuesday you should expect to have received it by Thursday (North Island) or Friday (South Island).

  • Please be aware that upcoming holidays will delay shipping.

  • If you placed an order and you are not home to sign for it when delivered, please check your mail box for a card left by the courier. 

North Island

  • Orders will be dispatched twice a week – on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

South Island

  • Orders will be dispatched once a week – on Tuesdays.